Turn Vector Drawing To Objective C Code

Powerful transform tool. Easily transform multiple shapes or groups.

Powerful transform tool. Easily transform multiple shapes or groups.


Objective C code is generated in real time. Copy or export the code as UIView/NSView class.


Use WYSIWYG Gradient editor to quickly create beautiful multi stop linear or radial gradient.


Helpful functions to define drawing frame for exporting code or image.

Code Generation

Objective C code is generated in real time with syntax highlighting. With just a single click you can chance the code between iOS or OSX.

Boolean Operations

Draw complex shapes using union, intersection and difference boolean operations.

Powerful Transform

Modify single or multiple shapes using transform tool to become entirely new interesting shapes!

WYSIWYG Gradient Editor

Quickly create beautiful multi stops linear or radial gradient using WYSIWYG editor.


Add depth to your drawing using inner and outer shadows.


Precise alignment of shapes when moved or use alignment tools to align multiple shapes at once.

SVG Import

Import SVG created from other applications while maintaining group and styles.

Export Code

Export to NSView/UIView class to be used in Xcode. Drawing in method drawRect: and by using CAShapeLayer class are supported

Export Image

Export to PNG/JPG image with additional @2x retina display.

Text Support

Create text and fill it with color or gradient. Then you can add shadow to the text or rotate the text.

Thumbnails Previews

Each of your drawing is shown as colored thumbnail in shape panel. This make it easier for you to manage your drawings.

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